I know this bar since I was a little child. I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. I guess it is because my mother tended to eat it right away, so I never got the chance to get hold of it. When I was old enough to buy candy on my own, I had other favorites, and I wasn’t too adventurous. And when I saw a snack version of this bar, I just purchased it in order to try it.  The most fascinating thing about the bar is that it comes as a triangle. The wrapper says Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat (also called torrone).

The first ingredient I taste is the honey. It makes only 3% of the bar, but its flavor is very intensive.
The honey makes the entire bar sweet, but not sickly. Though, I’d prefer more of the torrone and less sugar added to the bar. It contains only 28% cocoa and as far as I can tell from the glimpse of chocolate I taste somewhere among the honey, I have eaten way better Swiss chocolate.

The texture is strange. While the chocolate-honey mixture melts smoothly in your mouth, you have to chew the white nougat, as it is like tiny stones; and even though the nougat is really hard, I like it as it really spices up the texture of the bar. Unfortunately, the torrone likes to stick to your teeth. I guess the nougat can be a problem for any kind of fillings, so watch out!

I cannot say I could fall for this chocolate bar, and I probably would not buy it again. Though, it is and remains unique and really worth a try!

6 out of 10

Name: Toblerone
Branch: Kraft Foods
Price: 0.69 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per bar(35g), 525kcal per 100g


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    Alan said,

    I have the same issues with Toblerone lol its not a bad bar but it does get stuck to your teeth and its a nightmare to get rid of it. It is very swet and honey led, it would be nice to have abit more swiss milk chocolate taste coming through to cut the sweetnes a littel bit.

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