Balisto Corn-Mix

I’ve heard a lot about all those different Balisto bars from Mars, but I never wanted to try one of them. The image suggests that Balisto is a healthy chocolate bar because of the corn, the fruit or similar things that are used as a filling. Well, the nutrition list tells you that it contains as much Calories as an average chocolate bar. Okay, there is 23% whole meal in it, but on top of the ingredients list is milk chocolate and sugar, so I would not consider it to be really healthy.

The package contains two one finger bars and is rather small with 37g. The fingers look like a shorter but broader version of a Twix bar, but the smell is totally different. As soon as you open the wrapper, you sense the corn and cookie mix, combined with the smell of sweet milk chocolate. For me this is not a very pleasant combination.

I thought this would only contain corn, but I already noticed that the filling is a mixture of corn and cookie – I guess I would have kept away from that bar if I had known that before.
The bar is better than expected. The chocolate layer and the filling mix very well and the coating is thick enough to not let the bar taste too dry. But it basically is a whole meal cookie coated with chocolate, so it is hard to swallow without anything to drink next to you.

One can definitely eat that, but I would not buy it again…(I might try the other flavors though…)

5 Out of 10

Name: Balisto Corn Mix
Branch: Mars
Price: 0.65 Euro
Calories: 184kcal per package, 499kcal per 100g


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    Alan said,

    Here in the UK we have an equivalent of these, called Breakaway made by Nestle. Theyre basically a chocolate covered wheaty biscuit (cookie). In recent years they are no where near as nice as they were before sadly, theyve shrunk and the chocolate is thinner. It’s a pity because they were quite nice lol

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