Mars Topic

On the outside it looks like snickers and on the inside it looks like …uhm?! I found caramel and nougat on the inside, but wait, didn’t it say “with hazelnuts” on the wrapper? It looks more like a milkyway with a caramel topping.
A little disappointed about the probably boring texture in front of me, I took my first bite and hey, there is something chewy…nutty…ahh, finally found the hazelnuts.

The caramel is very soft and sticky, and the nougat tastes nutty and not too sweet. Other than I expected after breaking it to take a photo, it contains a lot of chewy nuts that create a nice versatile texture, as there are sometimes more and sometimes fewer nuts in there. This bar is sweet, but it does not get sickly.
Even though this bar weights 47g, it could be a little larger. This bar is produced by Mars and is far better than Nuts, a Nestlé bar that is produced similar (but without the caramel topping). Though, it is not outstanding or award-winning.

7 out of 10

Name: Topic
Branch: Mars
Price: 1.00 Euro
Calories: 234kcal per bar (498 per 100g)


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Doublesided said,

    WOW so different looking to UK Topic bars!

  2. 2

    Alan said,

    looks the same to me lol

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