Cadbury Boost

Boost and Starbar share the same roots: Two (coconut and caramel) chocolate bars introduced in 1985. Since then boost was relaunched as a biscuit and caramel version. You all know the caramel version as Starbar; and the buiscuit one became the standard Boost bar.

Have I ever said that I considered a chocolate bar sickly sweet? Well, forget about everything I said – that one gave the word sweet a new meaning.

But let’s start at the beginning. This bar contains a lot of calories and fat, but 60.5 g is a size which can really saturate…or get sickly. The wrapper looks totally different from other Cadbury products and so I did not realize that it was from Cadbury in the beginning.

The texture of this bar is pretty good. It is soft and smooth; and the biscuit filling adds the right amount of crunch to the bar. The three main flavors, chocolate, caramel and the biscuit make a sweet and creamy mixture when you chew them. After the first sugar-shock I thought the chocolate was very creamy and melting, but together with the caramel it is just too sweet. After half a bar it gets sickly and there is no way I could eat more than one bar at a time – which is better when you take a lot at the calories: 305 and 17.2g of fat with 12.8g saturates. Personally, I would invest them into a different bar!

6 out of 10

Name: Boost
Branch: Cadbury
Price: 1.00 Euro as an import
Calories: 305 per bar


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    Doublesided said,

    I used to love the coconut version of the Boost but they stopped it years ago 😦

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