Nestlé Milkybar

The first surprise was the size of that bar. I really like this size as a snack for an exam or so, to boost your sugar. But to enjoy it in front of the TV in the evening this is just not the right size, as it is gone before you have realized that you had started eating it. Definitely a plus is that it contains only natural ingredients. The second surprise came after I unwrapped it: I expected everything but a white bar, to be honest. In Germany, milk chocolate is usually light brown.

It is rich of milk, but there is hardly any chocolate flavor. Well, the aftertaste is like chocolate, at least you get a glimpse of that you’ve just eaten some chocolate. It’s really sweet but that’s just what I expected after I’ve seen a white bar, so that did not surprise me.

7 out of 10

Name: Milkybar
Branch: Nestlé
Price: 0.30 Euros as an import
Calories: 69 per serving (12.5g)

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