Kitkat dark fine

Kitkat dark fine

Four crispy wafer fingers covered with dark chocolate it says on the back. When I was a child, I used to love the original version of Kitkat and I know I ate it very often. But during the last five or six years I haven’t eaten any version of Kitkat and so I thought I should give the dark version a try.

When I did the first bite I was literally shocked. I haven’t eaten much dark chocolate for a long time as I usually prefer the sweeter versions. And to be honest, at first I thought I would not make it through one finger. Surprisingly, after a while I really got into to the taste of bitter chocolate and the wafer finger contains a bit of cocoa butter which makes the bar sweeter on the inside while chewing. It is not as crunchy as I remembered it to be, but the consistence is really good the way it is. Neither too hard, nor too soft.

One bar weights 45g and contains 236kcal, 2,5g protein, 25,0g carbohydrate and 13,3g fat. I got it for 50Cent in Woolworth. They are not sold in most of the big supermarkets. Rossmann sells them as well in Germany.
It is awesome if you prefer dark chocolate and think the original one is too sweet. And I will definitely buy an original one to compare!

7 out of 10

Name: KitKat
Brand: Nestlé
Price: 0.50 Euro
Size: 45g
Calories per 4fingers: 226


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    Fabi said,

    I love the original Kit Kat and never tried that, but I guess I will try it, when I see it at a shop soon. It sounds nice =)!

    So you will test German things as well? When I see something special which I want to see here I will send it to you. Got an offer from Malaysia already for sending me some special things. You will see :)!

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