Reese’s NutRageous

What do you expect NutRageous to taste like? Yes, probably nuts, right?

And I promise you – there are a lot of nuts in it! It says it consists of 26% peanuts, that makes more than a quarter of it, which I think is really great. Another 17% for peanut butter. At first I worried a bit about how creamy the bar would be with so many nuts in it.

When opening the package, you already smell the peanut butter. The nuts definitely dominate the taste of the bar. The sweet-salty peanut butter mix perfectly with the roasted nuts and the sweet caramel-chocolate coating. You can hardly taste each flavor for its own, but that does not matter, the mixture is really delicious. The coating is thick enough to not let the bar feel too crumbly in your mouth.

What I do not approve of is the ingredient list. It is way too long and contains artificial sweeteners. Oh and on a notice, there is no nutritional information on the bar, which I find kind of strange.

I got that one from the international store  in Dusseldorf and it costs 1 Euro which is quite affordable for an American chocolate bar.

 8 out of 10

Name: NutRageous
Brand: Reese’s (Hershey’s)
Price: about 1 Euro as an import
Size: 54g
Calories per bar: 290

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